What is Bixio?

Bixio is a cloud-based software to be used by food banks, churches, consumer communities, start- ups or other Sharing/Circular-economy organisations. Bixio is the perfect tool in the fight against food-waste, and can be used in other fields of waste management too (e.g. e-waste).

Platform linking donator and recipient - surplus and need

Reporting and back-office features - full traceability of goods

Including two mobile apps and a custom-built route planner algorithm

More on the algorithm

If you’re interested in the Bixio system in more detail, please download our introductory material.
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How it works

The service provider specifies what kind of goods they manage, what settlement model they use with various parties, what logistic channels are used, how products are administered. All these are configurable at the start of operations and can be changed later.

  • The service provider configures the Bixio platform to their particular operation processes, including products, partners, geographical reach, accounting and documentation processes, data exchange with local systems, branding and communication to customers.
  • Donors, customers and partners access Bixio platform branded to the service provider’s image. Bixio can be integrated into the website of the service provider.

Making a donation

  • Donors register online to the services through the Bixio web app or mobile app.
  • They place donations, indicating the type and quantity of products they donate, whether it needs cooling e.g., the expiration date, information specific to its content. The donor specifies the place and time intervals the donation can be collected (a collection proxy may be selected). Bixio confirms receipt immediately.

Collection of donations

  • Logistics partners receive the list of donations and addresses, including particular attributes (size, weight, need for cooling, collection timeframes etc) from individual donor addresses or proxy collection points).
  • Bixio includes a route optimisation algorithm that may be used by logistics partners. Route optimisation is proprietary to the collection model used in Bixio.
  • Courier personnel will register the collection of goods. The content of the collected goods is matched at package level.
  • Donated goods are shipped to storage points, receipt is registered in Bixio. Bixio supports the high-level tracking of donation collection.

Mobile apps

The Bixio system comes with two custom-built mobile apps making easier the flow of processes:

  • Mobile app for donors – making possible to do donations in the app
  • Mobile app for couriers – helping couriers on the road